Family legends

John Colclough • Oct 07, 2019

Family stories and famous connections.

I would guess that in many families there are legends, stories passed down through the generations. If you are like me, you would wonder and try to find out.

As an example, my own family albeit distant had identified a connection to Charles II, and thereby the Stuart monarchs.

I was told about this by my uncle Bernie who spent many of his waking hours in pursuit of the family history. His instincts were given some credence by his discovery (in a safe in Dublin) of the papers of Beauchamp Colclough. The passage of interest here reads…

“Colonel Caesar Colclough married secondly 18th July 1721. Henrietta, daughter of Agmondisham Vesey of Lucan House Co. Dublin, by Charlotte co-heiress of William Sarsfield of Lucan Esq., (brother of the celebrated General Patrick Sasfield, Earl of Lucan) and Mary his wife, natural daughter of King Charles II by Lucy Walters (and own sister to the Duke of Monmouth) and had issue by his second wife who died 1771, seven sons and six daughters viz…”[1]

All however, is not always as it seems, to be continued…

[1] Colclough, Beauchamp H.D. (1879) Chapter 3. Pedigree ii. In Colclough, Bernard and Conroy, Gay Pedigree and History of the Colclough Family of Staffordshire and Wexford. p. 6

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